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Medical Office Cleaning In Frisco, TX

Our experienced staff is here to help with your medical office in Frisco. We understand that keeping a clean, sanitary environment is crucial to the well-being of your clients. Leverage our experience to keep your clients safe, provide a professional image and increase the comfort of your medical office employees. Why Choose Us For Frisco […]

Office Cleaning Frisco TX

Office cleaning in Frisco, TX is our specialty. With over 20 years of experience, Dallas Building Maintenance, a locally owned company is here to help with your commercial office cleaning  needs. We know our reputation is our greatest asset and we work hard to solidify a reputation of high quality work and excellent customer service. Routinely […]

Commercial Cleaning Services in Frisco, TX

We at Dallas Building Maintenance understand that cleaning needs in Frisco are huge and growing. We service the Frisco, TX area with the highest quality janitorial services. No Contract Commercial Cleaning in Frisco When your company is searching for a new commercial cleaning provider, it can be a significant risk to be contractually obligated to a company […]

Dallas Building Maintenance on Thumbtack

We at Dallas Building maintenance are always working to help connect with new customers and be more transparent/accessible to the ones we have. If you’re looking for the best in janitorial services (including office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, medical office cleaning, commercial office cleaning, and more), we’re here to help. We provide high quality […]

Save Time & Money With Our Janitorial ServicesThumbtack

Outsourcing commercial and domestic cleaning services has benefits. Deploying commercial cleaning gives a competitive advantage; it saves time, money and allows you to expand your business to outwit the competition. Locating first rate janitorial services helps make a business run efficiently. Outsource Commercial Cleaning and Focus on Core Competency Every business provides a specialized service. […]

What to do for a Hygenic Bathroom

Considerations for a Hygienic Bathroom People tend to try and avoid contracting the flu virus during the flu season. It is more likely to catch the virus in a public places such as restaurants, schools, business offices and retail facilities. There are even more hazardous parasites, viruses and bacteria – like H1N1 ans MRSA, which […]

Carpet Cleaning In Richardson TX

A good, high quality carpet has the ability to make a room in your home or office a warmer, more comfortable and more inviting space. Unfortunately a carpet also has a way of picking up soil, dirt or stains. This is especially true if you’ve got children or pets in your home — two of […]

Window & Glass Cleaning Frisco TX

We at Dallas Building Maintenance are standing by to help you or your company with any window and glass cleaning needs you might have. We are one of the most trusted names in commercial cleaning in Dallas-Ft. Worth. For more information or to schedule and appointment give us a call at It is common knowledge […]

The Hidden Costs Of Janitorial Services

It often goes unseen in plain sight and often lurks in the dark menacingly. When you are most vulnerable it launches its attack. You are content entering your bed but shortly hear the knock on that closet door and are filled with fear. Your blanket is drawn over your mouth as you stare in fear […]

Plano Janitorial Services

If you own a business or home and have dirty carpets, it may be time to hire a commercial carpet cleaning so that you can get a deep-clean look. Many Plano janitorial service companies focus on cleaning, while others offer additional services, such as carpet cleaning. Our company does it all. Vacuuming a carpet can only […]

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