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How Touch Free Soap Dispensers Can Save Money

Touch-free soap and towel dispensers not only portray an upscale, modern image through their sleek appearance but can also improve hygiene by reducing cross-contamination incidents in public restrooms. Touch-free dispensers also do other functions aside from improving public perception and enhancing hand hygiene. These dispensers also help control how facilities spend on paper towels and […]

Proper Carpet Cleaning Tips

One of the most controversial topics in carpet maintenance is that of carpet cleaning. According to many knowledgeable in the field of proper carpet cleaning tips, carpet cleaning, when done properly is very effective as an interim type of carpet maintenance. However, if done incorrectly, the effects of this type of cleaning is costly. In […]

How Green Cleaning Products Benefit Your Business

Green cleaning products are not just a new trend, they have other benefits for businesses as well. Prices have fallen as more products have entered the market. At DBM Janitorial, we are proud to offer you the latest in eco-friendly commercial cleaning No Allergic Reactions One of the best benefits from our products is reduced or […]

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