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Keeping It Clean – And Green!

When we think of the benefits of technology in the workplace, it is easy to keep our minds on the most obvious changes that have come over the years. Many workplaces have incorporated the most cutting-edge technologies to sustain the ease of productivity, whether it is easily accessed websites, company e-mail, or apps that allow […]

Cleaning Professionals Help Ease Coronavirus Concerns

As concern about the Coronavirus sweeps the nation, professional cleaning companies are starting to feel the strain. States with confirmed diagnoses of the flu-like virus have especially seen a boom in business, but many businesses and institutions are fighting to stay ahead of the curve and ensure proper cleaning and sanitization to help combat any […]

Battle Flu Season with the Help of Janitorial Professionals

The height of the flu season is upon us, which means avoiding the sniffles and sneezes is on everyone’s mind. Workplaces are, unfortunately, a petri dish of viral transmission due to close quarters and long work hours, and the more people who get sick, the more quickly it spreads. Unfortunately, the flu can be incredibly […]

Don’t Leave Cleanliness to Your Employees – Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Cleanliness has always been essential to human nature. It’s important for us to keep the spaces we live in neat and tidy; it helps us stay more organized, lessens the wear and tear on buildings and objects that are important to us, and keeps us healthy and productive. Most people keep their homes clean on […]

How to Maintain a Clean Carpet

It truly does not take very long for one’s carpet to get dirty. When it does, it can often hold bacteria and germs within it and will look much older than it is. The good news is you can take some measures to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet. Take a look below at some […]

Green Retail Janitorial Services in Dallas

Some of the most demanding customers are those in retail. Shops have to be clean, tidy and organized to keep them happy. We at Dallas Building Maintenance understand that one of the most important concerns of retailers is to ensure the best shopping experience for their customers. We know that pleasing your customers is so much […]

Why Use Dallas Building Maintenance for Green Cleaning Services

Green cleaning services are fast increasing in popularity as people gain a greater awareness of the health risks that traditional cleaning methods and products entails. Green cleaning services are essential for businesses or households that are looking to maintain living environments that are optimally safe for residents, pets and visitors. Chemical agents commonly found in […]

Frisco Commercial Cleaning

Worrying about the common wear and tear look, and soil stains in your Frisco, TX office? Or maybe the odor, grime and moisture lurking around the sides of your building? Is this one of the major challenge that your office is having? Worry no more! Dallas Building Maintenance is here for you! If these are common challenges that you […]

Eco Friendly Cleaning Services in Frisco, TX

One of the biggest advantages to hiring an eco friendly cleaning service is the improvement of air quality, which eliminates employee exposure to chemicals and other harmful pollutants while reducing the risk of Sick Building Syndrom Healthy employees take fewer sick days, which lowers absenteeism and increases the company’s overall productivity. At the same time, green […]

Frisco TX Commercial Cleaning Services Save Time & Money

Prudent business owners are adept in cost-cutting given that this is the best way to maximize overall profit potential. Business owners do, however, have to recognize that time is just as valuable, including the time of their employees. When employees commit themselves to projects or tasks that are not related to billable efforts, companies stand […]

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