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Study Indicates Employees Lack Confidence in Safely Returning to Workplaces

It is no surprise that nearly a year into the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are seeking ways to return their companies to a state of normalcy. While Texas ranked second in the country for the most remote workers even before the pandemic, some studies have found people far prefer working in their offices than from home. […]

Cleaning Professionals Are the First Step to Successful Commercial Transitions

All eyes are on the White House this coming week, and with the new administration comes a historical move regarding cleaning and disinfecting the building for turnover. Traditionally, the White House staff cleans quickly during the inauguration, but concerns about the Coronavirus will now result in a comprehensive deep clean by janitorial professionals, including carpet […]

Keep Holiday Shoppers’ Confidence High This Cold and Flu Season

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner and the COVID-19 pandemic is not going to slow it down. Janitorial services in Dallas, Texas may prepare to find themselves busy, too, as cleanliness is a high concern for Americans right now. But how are Americans truly feeling about the safety and cleanliness of retail […]

How Do We Keep Movie-Goers Safe from Coronavirus?

With cool and dreary winter days coming closer, people seek out indoor activities. Settling into a warm movie theater with a bag of popcorn and a refreshing drink is a popular family event, especially during the holidays. How will COVID-19 affect a movie-goer’s experience? With refreshed guidelines from the Texas Department of State Health Services, […]

The Future of Daytime Cleaning May be Bright

Most businesses are accustomed to the enigmatic presence of cleaning crews; like a fairytale, employees leave work in the evening and return in the morning to find spaces thoroughly cleaned, surfaces wiped down, and carpets fresh. The global pandemic, however, changed the way employees interact with the hygiene of their spaces. Germany’s cleaning trade association, […]

Returning Students Concerns About Coronavirus, and How Schools Can Help

Traditionally, September ushers in the excitement of the new school year for students across the country. This year, that enthusiasm has been quelled by trepidation; in the light of the continued spread of the Coronavirus, some Texas schools are beginning online courses with the goal to move to physical classes in late September, while other […]

Is UV-C Light Technology Worth the Cost?

In response to the growing sanitation concerns following the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, it’s no surprise that many  Dallas janitorial companies have begun to implement even more sophisticated cleaning technology, such as the electrostatic foggers used by Dallas Building Maintenance Co. As businesses reopen, the demand for effective sanitation options makes room for the […]

How Your Office May Be Damaging the Health of Your Employees

The impact the office environment has on the health and wellness of workers may be common sense, but a research professor at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health put that belief to the test. Assistant Professor Joe Allen and a team of researchers cracked down on this oft believed, but insofar factually unsupported, theory […]

Hospital Surfaces and Vital Routine Professional Disinfection

With every day that passes, scientists discover more and more about the novel coronavirus. Much of the data concerning how COVID-19 is transmitted has been gathered by observing and testing hospitals and medical offices, which have higher traffic rates of coronavirus cases than anywhere else. Because of this, commercial cleaning companies in Dallas are essential […]

Creating a Safe Post-Pandemic Workspace

Every generation experiences an event that changes the way we look at our lives to the very core; for the current working generation, that event is the Coronavirus pandemic. It has affected our society on every level: from sheltering in place, the closing of large social gathering venues such as malls and theaters, loss of […]

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