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Creating a Safe Post-Pandemic Workspace

Every generation experiences an event that changes the way we look at our lives to the very core; for the current working generation, that event is the Coronavirus pandemic. It has affected our society on every level: from sheltering in place, the closing of large social gathering venues such as malls and theaters, loss of […]

Protecting Your Cleaning Company from Coronavirus Liability Risks

A powerful demand for cleaning companies is imminent in the wake of Coronavirus, as the country reevaluates the importance of hygiene in everyday life. Commercial cleaning companies in Dallas experience this trend, but with high demands comes downsides; burgeoning new cleaning companies without accreditation or experience tote promises of viral disinfection. While there is room […]

Janitors on Airplanes?

As one of the industries most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines across the globe must quickly adapt sanitation methods to a new socially distancing world and ensure the safety and health of their travelers. While one might not immediately associate the hygienic practices of airlines to Dallas janitorial services, these expert cleaning companies have […]

Save Time and Money with the Clorox Total 360 Disinfecting System

Disinfection is essential to businesses, especially medical facilities, commercial offices, and janitorial services, but it can be a particularly difficult task without the time and efficiency required for comprehensive coverage. The fact of the matter is pathogens are an insidious invisible threat that can endanger the health and safety of patients and employees. It is […]

Janitorial Sector Expected to Grow by 7% Over the Next Decade

It is not uncommon to read headlines every day that caution the implication of technology in various industries, and the risks that come with displacing working human beings with autonomous processes. Self-checkout lanes in grocery stores or the use of cheap yearly tax programs are examples of jobs that can be displaced by technology – […]

Celebrating National Cleaning Week

This year, March 22nd-28th celebrates National Cleaning Week. Headed by a trade association for the international cleaning industry, ISSA, National Cleaning Week raises awareness of the importance of cleanliness and the impacts it has on public health, the environment, and the economy. Our country is in a bit of an upheaval right now. With fears […]

Foul Odors You’re Used to Can Harm Your Business

Of all our senses, smell is often the one that is most taken for granted. Senses are essential to everyday life and ones we use every day without thinking – whether we’re looking both ways crossing the street, listening to music, using our hands to work, or partaking in the taste and smell of a […]

Keeping It Clean – And Green!

When we think of the benefits of technology in the workplace, it is easy to keep our minds on the most obvious changes that have come over the years. Many workplaces have incorporated the most cutting-edge technologies to sustain the ease of productivity, whether it is easily accessed websites, company e-mail, or apps that allow […]

Cleaning Professionals Help Ease Coronavirus Concerns

As concern about the Coronavirus sweeps the nation, professional cleaning companies are starting to feel the strain. States with confirmed diagnoses of the flu-like virus have especially seen a boom in business, but many businesses and institutions are fighting to stay ahead of the curve and ensure proper cleaning and sanitization to help combat any […]

Battle Flu Season with the Help of Janitorial Professionals

The height of the flu season is upon us, which means avoiding the sniffles and sneezes is on everyone’s mind. Workplaces are, unfortunately, a petri dish of viral transmission due to close quarters and long work hours, and the more people who get sick, the more quickly it spreads. Unfortunately, the flu can be incredibly […]

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