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COVID-19 Employment Litigation is On the Rise – What Can Commercial Cleaning Companies Do to Help?

From vaccine mandates to work from home disputes, employers have found themselves continuing to juggle COVID-19 complications in the workplace. The United States has seen an unexpected uptick in COVID-19 related litigation over the summer, with a total of 715 lawsuits reported – a staggering increase from the 444 lawsuits over the summer of 2020. […]

Why Your “Clean” Carpet is Anything But

Commercial businesses know that the busiest time of the year is almost upon us. Last-minute administrative tasks and preparations for the holiday hustle don’t leave much thought to Dallas janitorial companies. However, Dallas Building Maintenance Co. offers an essential service for year’s end that may not have yet crossed many minds: carpet cleaning. When business […]

Janitorial Companies Have an Important Part to Play in Keeping Hybrid Workspaces Safe

It’s clear the landscape of office work evolved during the pandemic, and for the long term. Major companies like Apple and Google will embrace a hybrid model of business indefinitely, which would allow employees to work from home as well as the office. In a recent survey done by Prudential, 87% of American workers reported […]

Research Shows that Cleanliness Does Not Impede Immune Development

The western world has commonly believed that if children’s surroundings are too clean, it will inhibit their ability to develop a resistance against allergies and disease. The “hygiene hypothesis,” as it is known by some, argues cleaning a domestic or educational environment will result in weakened immune systems due to the lack of exposure to […]

Commercial Cleaning

Things To Consider Before Hiring Any Commercial Cleaning Service

Keeping your working space neat and clean is essential for your health and productivity. You may carry out all the cleaning by yourself twice or thrice a week, but sometimes it’s not enough. Moreover, it is challenging for a single person to move the heavy furniture and clean the underneath space. Furthermore, you may not […]

What Does National Safety Month Mean for Cleaning?

The National Safety Council is celebrating the 25th anniversary of National Safety Month. Through information packets and videos, the NSC spends June spreading the word about the importance of workplace safety and the health and wellness of employees. While physical safety concerns often take the forefront of such outreach, the last year highlighted the importance […]

The Demand for Cleaning Crew Jobs Jumps 300% in 30 Days

As businesses begin to ease their employees back into in-office work, cleanliness remains at the forefront of their minds. After the last year, it is no wonder that Fort Worth, Dallas, and Arlington office cleaning services continue to be in high demand during this unprecedented transition. But what kind of effect is the back to […]

Coronavirus Cleaning Procedures Keep Other Pathogens at Bay

With COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it may seem like the concern about daily pathogens encountered at care facilities has gone by the wayside. However, while the need for medical office cleaning in Dallas has increased due to Coronavirus fears, other positive effects have arisen from this scenario. Frequent cleaning practices strengthen medical […]


Thorough Insight About Professional Janitorial Services

For any business, maintaining a flawless workplace is crucial. There are many concerns we need to keep in mind when considering the preference for hygiene maintenance. The decision affects the whole corporation, employees, clients, and above all, the trade’s market reputation. Some people prefer to hire an office cleaner to clean and dust while others […]

National Cleaning Week Shines a Spotlight on Janitorial Services

It is time to celebrate National Cleaning Week, which runs from March 28th to April 3rd. Headed by the ISSA, National Cleaning Week educates about the importance of cleaning and advocates on behalf of professional cleaners. Perhaps now more than ever, companies like DBM Janitorial Services have stepped into the spotlight as frontline workers in […]

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