How to Maintain a Clean Carpet

It truly does not take very long for one’s carpet to get dirty. When it does, it can often hold bacteria and germs within it and will look much older than it is. The good news is you can take some measures to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet. Take a look below at some suggestions how to get this done.

Routinely Vacuum The CarpetCarpet Cleaning Dallas

Vacuuming is the very best way to remove from your carpet dirt, allergens and dander. This seems to be a simple thing to understand but the truth of the matter is that many people do not vacuum as often as they should. The truth is that on a daily basis, high frequency areas should be vacuumed. Not doing so will make it far more difficult to remove these items later when they become embedded in the carpet. For areas not getting a lot of traffic, once a week vacuuming will remove the allergens and dust.

Immediately Clean Any Spills

A carpet can be quickly stained by a spill on it. To prevent this from happening, you want to remove the spill as quickly as possible. Make the effort to see what is the best way to get the spill cleaned up properly. For example, when it comes to greasy spills, dish soap and hot water will best get the job done. Should the spill be blood stains, hydrogen peroxide is the proper choice to be made. This extra effort to use the proper materials to get the job done right is well worth the time involved.

Professionally Clean Your Carpets When Possible

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months is simply such a valuable choice to be made. The deep cleaning performed will get that embedded dust and dirt completely out. Your carpet will also be left clean and fresh by the steam and hot water used which also kills all bacteria and germs.

If your company is in need of a professional carpet cleaning or needs frequent janitorial service, contact us today at 972-620-9200 or fill out our contact form (click here).

Green Retail Janitorial Services in Dallas

Some of the most demanding customers are those in retail. Shops have to be clean, tidy and organized to keep them happy. We at Dallas Building Maintenance understand that one of the most important concerns of retailers is to ensure the best shopping experience for their customers. We know that pleasing your customers is so much more than just offering gleaming surfaces and shiny floors. DBM uses the best and latest retail cleaning technologies to ensure that shops meet their customers’ demands. One of our most effective approaches is the Green Clean program. It not only improves the quality of indoor air, it enhances your customers’ shopping experience.

Clean, Consistently
We understand the value of consistent quality in multi-store operations, so we only offer service that assures you of uniform results, regardless of your store’s location in the U.S. We customize our training to your needs, so your expectations are met every step of the way.

Freedom From Maintenance Problems
When shoppers are unhappy about your service, they might let you know. However, it is those customers who may not talk to you but will tell other people about their experience that will do more damage to your image. These are the customers who can very easily tarnish your brand by word-of-mouth and negative comments on social media. You can rely on our service partner to keep your store at its best and your products at center stage.

Giving the Best Shopping Experience to Your Customers
From shopping centers and supermarkets to car dealerships, you can rely on Dallas Building Maintenance for providing the best-trained janitorial franchises. We deliver unmatched janitorial and retail cleaning services to please your No. 1 target – your customers. We provide store cleaning service on a regular schedule. With us focusing our efforts on the most important details, you can keep your focus on delighting your customers.

Our retail cleaning program offers many benefits for you, such as:

– A clean, tidy, pleasing facility with our established and efficient cleaning practices;
– Experienced and dedicated support to manage every janitorial and cleaning challenge;
– Access to 24-hour operations support, along with standardized inspections.

DBM’s retail cleaning services specializes in department stores, supermarkets, car dealerships and stores of every kind, type and size. Invest in the future of your business with

Dallas Retail Cleaning Services
Our retail cleaning services in Dallas, Frisco, McKinney and Plano are available through DBM. We offer services on-demand or on contractual basis, with customized cleaning schedules to fit your needs. We only use environmentally-friendly equipment to assure you of safety, and our staff are skilled, professionally trained experts in the field. Let us help you make your customers feel welcome. Call us today: 972-620-9200 or fill out our RFQ form for a quote.

Why Use Dallas Building Maintenance for Green Cleaning Services

Green cleaning services are fast increasing in popularity as people gain a greater awareness of the health risks that traditional cleaning methods and products entails. Green cleaning services are essential for businesses or households that are looking to maintain living environments that are optimally safe for residents, pets and visitors. Chemical agents commonly found in household products contain harmful toxins that can diminish human health. Some of the illnesses that these toxins cause are short-term and mild like headaches or serious and long-lasting like cancer. These, however, are health risks that green cleaning services can eliminate.

Dallas Green Cleaning Company

Companies that provide true green cleaning services diligently evaluate cleaning products, equipment and methods to make sure that these are effective and in compliance with the top health and safety standards. At Dallas Building Maintenance, we take our commitment to green cleaning seriously and we pride ourselves in taking excellent care of both our clients and our employees. While some companies say they offer green cleaning, many of these businesses only address a few aspects of a comprehensive green cleaning plan. To provide the greatest green cleaning benefits, service providers must take each one of these steps:

  • Dallas area green cleaning servicesUse green cleaning products that have a Green Seal certification or certification from another reputable organization so that these produced are assured to be free of reproductive toxins, carcinogens, fragrances, neurotoxins and other additives that might negatively impact human health.
  • Use “greener” cleaning tools and equipment like vacuums that the American Lung Association recognizes for creating improvements in indoor air qualities.
  • Use microfiber cloths or towels that have been color-coded to limit the use of cleaning solutions, prevent cross contamination of germs from surface to surface or room to room and limit landfill waste.
  • Have a method for ensuring that all green cleaning team members are following the established protocol at all times during the provision of these services.
  • Remain current with all of the latest innovations in technology and science so that the most-effective and safest green cleaning methods are always being used.

Green cleaning companies that do not improve the quality of the indoor air despite their use of green cleaning solutions could be diminishing the benefits of their efforts to reduce allergens that cause allergy and asthma attacks, but simply using vacuums that stir dust up and circulate it throughout the home, rather than simply eliminating it.

Green cleaning companies that take care of all aspects of a holistic, green cleaning strategy, however, can provide optimal benefits to the home environment, household residents and family pets.

DBM is wholly committed to limiting the potential health risks that are commonly associated with conventional cleaning methods and products. Services that are not addressing the equipment, cleaning solutions, quality control measures and tools of this process are not truly green. Do not let “partially green” cleaning companies fool you and make sure to get optimal benefits from true green cleaning services instead.

Frisco Commercial Cleaning

Worrying about the common wear and tear look, and soil stains in your Frisco, TX office? Or maybe the odor,

grime and moisture lurking around the sides of your building? Is this one of the major challenge that

your office is having? Worry no more! Dallas Building Maintenance is here for you!

If these are common challenges that you have in your office, that it worries you more than running your

business. It is about time that you think twice and get Dallas Building Maintenance as your regular janitorial staff.

Cleaning isn’t just what we do but we also make sure that it looks great and well maintained.

Have Questions? Call Today – 972-620-9200

Specializing in Cleaning Services

Here at DBM, we offer the widest cleaning services possible to any business place. Whether

it maybe building, office or down the block restaurants, we assure you of our cleaning service goals of

removing not just the dirt but biohazard contaminants as well. Our cleaning crew training is one of the

top notch training we provide to ensure that quality is well met.

If you want to go ahead and try our service, call us today. We will assure you of no obligation quotation!

We have expert staff that will come by in your place to check every details needed so we can provide a

great commercial cleaning service. We are very committed that you Only have to take care of your

business, and leave the dirty job to us.

The following services that we offer which are not limited to:

 Dust window sills and other horizontal surfaces

 Clean partition glass and mirrors

 Restroom cleaning and disinfecting

 Trash gathering, collection, removal and recycling

 Stair and elevator cleaning

 Sweeping, mopping and polishing of floors

 Entrance, reception area and foyer cleaning

 Wipe and disinfect doorknobs, telephones and light switches

 Kitchen and lounge area cleaning including sinks, countertops, exterior of microwaves, exterior

of toasters, and exterior of refrigerators

 Horizontal surface dusting

 Floor dusting, wet mop and machine scrubbing

 High dusting

 Stripping and refinishing

 Air condition vent cleaning – exterior only

 Sanitizing all lavatory fixtures, sinks, partitions, walls, etc.

 Vacuuming

 Window washing and blind cleaning

 Cleaning of light fixtures, baseboards, millwork, etc.

 Breakrooms/Kitchens:

 Restrooms:

o Empty all receptacles and replace liners

o Clean/sanitize exterior of microwaves

o Spot clean and sanitize outside of cabinets

o Clean/sanitize sink and counter tops

o Clean/sanitize tables and chairs

o Spot clean walls

o Refill and clean paper and soap dispenser

o Vacuum and damp mop hard floors

o Empty all receptacles and replace liners

o Clean/sanitizes and refill paper and soap dispensers

o Clean/sanitizes all fixtures (toilets, urinals, faucets, counters

o Spot clean/sanitize walls and partitions

o Vacuum and damp mop/sanitize floors

In our years of experience in the cleaning industry, our professional cleaning crew always makes the job

done – making sure we transform your office to a more productive environment for your staff. Clean

place creates a productive achievement for your business.

If you have other cleaning service that are not in the list, don’t hesitate to let us know so we can talk and

arrange about it. Call 972-620-9200

Eco Friendly Cleaning Services in Frisco, TX

One of the biggest advantages to hiring an eco friendly cleaning service is the improvement of air quality, which eliminates employee exposure to chemicals and other harmful pollutants while reducing the risk of Sick Building Syndrome.

Healthy employees take fewer sick days, which lowers absenteeism and increases the company’s overall productivity. At the same time, green cleaning methods are easier on floors, furnishings and interior fixtures.

Demonstrating your company’s concern for the environment improves your public image and attracts new customers.

Many homeowners in the United States are starting to understand the importance and benefits of using cleaning products made with ingredients that do not harm the environment and pose no threat to human health. Green cleaning is not just a fad. Instead it reflects how people these days are paying much more attention to what is happening with the environment and doing what they can do to preserve our natural resources while creating healthier work and home environments.

We Protect the Planet, One Cleaning Project at a Time

Dallas Building Maintenance proudly joins others in doing everything possible to protect our environment. Our central location allows us to provide high quality cleaning services to our clients. Our professionally trained cleaning technicians use only sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products to prove our commitment to providing the best green cleaning services available. We are just as dedicated to protecting the planet as we are to providing outstanding customer service.

Contact us today for a free estimate at 972-620-9200.

Save Time And Money With Commercial Cleaning Services In Frisco TX

Frisco TX Commercial Cleaning Services Save Time & Money

Prudent business owners are adept in cost-cutting given that this is the best way to maximize overall profit potential. Business owners do, however, have to recognize that time is just as valuable, including the time of their employees. When employees commit themselves to projects or tasks that are not related to billable efforts, companies stand to lose money. This makes it vital for business owners to hire commercial cleaning services to take care of the janitorial duties within their office environments. There are countless benefits that companies can gain by hiring reputable commercial cleaning services given that professional cleaners can diligently and thoroughly clean all parts of these spaces. You might be wondering, “Exactly what services are available?”.

Commercial cleaning companies can do things like empty waste baskets, clean tables, desks and more. They also have a keen understanding of the difference between cleaning a space and actually sanitizing it. Commercial cleaning services can sanitize waiting rooms, bathrooms, conference rooms and other areas so that these spaces are sparkling clean and free of harmful microorganisms. They can sanitize countertops, door knobs, chairs and more. If these tasks were completed by employees, these professionals would never have the opportunity to do the jobs that they were hired to do.

Why Choose DBM For Janitorial Services in Frisco?

In Frisco, commercial cleaning services can tackle all of the tough cleaning jobs that are often overlooked by most people. For instance, who would consider not only sweeping stairs, but polishing every rise and stair as well? This can have a huge impact on office aesthetics and safety, especially during wet winter months when salt can build up in these spaces. The small improvements provided by commercial cleaning companies can lead to major changes in the offices that work with these entities. Let these professionals clean up your office and eliminate the germs that lead to sickness and loss of productivity due to absenteeism.

Commercial cleaning services can vary quite a bit in overall quality and thus, company owners should make sure to perform plenty of research in order to chose reputable, reliable and courteous providers. If your company could use this type of assistance, consider Dallas Building Maintenance. With a commitment to providing superior service and complete sanitization, our team knows how to create clean, attractive offices. Get in touch with us today to request your quote.

The Best McKinney Green Commercial Cleaning Company

In Need Of Green Commercial Cleaning In McKinney TX? DBM Can Help

Recently, many businesses in McKinney seek to work with green cleaning organizations which ensure a clean and hygienic working environment for all their stakeholders. Dallas Building Maintenance that boasts of wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning matters provides unique and pace setting cleaning services in Collin, Dallas and Denton Counties. Well, to grasp exceptionally these environmental friendly cleaning services coupled with janitorial services and the company in general, enjoy the piece below.

green-cleaning-mckinney-txDue to common and increasing use of chemically toxic cleaning agents which leave traces of toxins on the cleaned services and the atmosphere, most companies, are sourcing for better and non-toxic cleaning services. These not only leave the workplace exceptionally clean but also ensure safety of stakeholders as well as the environment. With a professionally trained team of experts, Dallas Building Maintenance serves a number of clients across all sectors of the economy with its McKinney green cleaning solutions.

These clients range from Educational facilities to Healthcare facilities, places of worship, financial institutions, restaurants, retail stores, offices, hospitality institutions, Country clubs and car dealerships. The expertise exhibited by the team ensures they can tackle any cleaning challenge with confidence. Besides, the team is known for high quality cleaning services. Emergency situations will be worked on within two hours.

In instances when the company is contracted by a new client, it will ensure use of green sanitation and cleaning solutions, the chemicals are dispensed using the best techniques. In addition, the team uses microfiber systems while the methods and solutions used for cleaning and packaging are environmental friendly. If you have carpets or any type of hard floors, DBM uses Multi-filtration vacuums to ensure proper work is done. We pride ourselves in providing excellent services and therefore if you have any cleaning work required, feel free to reach out to us.

If you are looking for a McKinney green cleaning company, DBM is the market leader. Do you have any question or would like to know more about us? Call 972-620-9200 or use our online portal. The first service will be free for regular clients. Work with the experienced and knowledgeable staff all around the clock.

Allen TX Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning

Dallas Building Maintenance cleans not only houses, but Offices,and Commercial and Medical buildings as well. There are definitely no flies on us! Cleaning is all we eat, drink and dream about 24/7. This is why we are the most preferred Office cleaning service in the areas of Allen, Plano and McKinney. We have worked hard to gain that reputation and do not intend to give it up!

allen-tx-janitorial-serviceIf you wish your dull, dingy, spotted or grungy carpets to be returned to your original state, we will clean them and restore the color and luster. We offer a special carpet cleaning formula, which is eco-approved, and accomplishes a spectacular job in bringing back life to old carpets.

Consider us to be your one-stop shop for all that you need cleaned. Whether it is your windows, walls, floors, carpets, offices or bathrooms – our skilled and efficient cleaning professionals provide optimum service to all of our Allen, TX clients.

You will never have to order your own restroom supplies again, and you can count on our pros to make contact with you first. More time can be spent by you attending to your customers and students, while the dirty work is taken care of by us.

Think of the levels of stress and the regular hassles you usually experience, with your regular providers of janitorial service:

-You need to make several phone calls to accomplish the work the way that you want
-Face difficulty trying to contact the cleaning company
-Are not sure who to call
-You not only have to order the necessary supplies yourself but have to collect them as well
-You end up supervising the janitorial service providers yourself
At Dallas Building Maintenance, this will not be your experience.

We give you the professional cleaning service you deserve. The service is of the highest quality and while we take the entire process off your hands, you are able to focus on the task of running your organization.

Questions For Allen TX Businesses In Need Of Cleaning Services

1. Do you own your business, or are you a franchise?

We are completely privately owned and operated. Franchises tend to resell your contract for three times the amount you pay for it, so you should select a privately owned business instead. Franchises take their portion and leave nothing for the franchise owner to use to efficiently perform their job. Dallas Building Maintenance gives you quality service – the money you pay does not remain in the pocket of someone, but is utilized in the best way possible.

allen-tx-green-cleaning2. Do you use green cleaning products?

We try to do this whenever possible, but this doesn’t happen in all cases, as customers prefer a clean smell and appearance, and this is not always accomplished with the use of green cleaning products.

3. Do you use any special cleaning techniques that yield better-than-average results?

Yes we do, and this is our secret. We use individual rags for desks, phones and restrooms, in order to prevent cross-contamination. After usage, the restroom rags are disposed of. Many janitorial services use rags that are color-coded, which allows room for misunderstandings to occur, as when there are shift changes, your desks may get cleaned by rags that have been used in the restrooms.

Isn’t that a pleasant thought?

4. Do your employees really live close to our location?

Yes, as close as is possible. Franchises have employees who may live as far as 1-2 hours away, increasing the possibility for lateness, missed shifts, tiredness and low quality of work. With us, our night-time supervisors hire persons who live 15-30 minutes away from your location, to ensure the quality of service is maintained.

5. Will you match a competitor’s price?

We are not able to. Although our prices are not the most expensive in the industry, our charges are above average. This allows us to hire the best employees, including your night-time supervisors and committed service manager. You get what you pay for, and a higher quality of service is what you are sure of, from Dallas Building Maintenance. There have been many customers who have come to us after going to the competitor who charges less.

6. Do you offer any additional cleaning services?

Yes we do – we offer cleaning services for windows, so you have no need to search for another contractor. Restocking of supplies is another service that we provide.

Contact Us Today For Allen Janitorial Services

Call 972-620-9200 or fill out our contact form (click here) for a free quote. We are standing by to help with your Allen TX janitorial and commercial cleaning needs. We provide no contract service and a money back guarantee… with no risk to try us out, we make it easy to get the superior commercial cleaning you need.

Preparing & Preventing An Illness Outbreak In Your Workplace

No one knows when the next infection outbreak will occur or what type of infection it will be. That is why people who work for a janitorial service will have to take the necessary precautions to prepare for any situation. Blackwell recommends that people start by considering the possible pandemic and the way the diseases can be transferred.

She says many diseases, such as Measles or Influenza, can be transmitted through the airborne route or droplets. Other diseases, such as Clostidrum difficile can be transmitted through contaminated surfaces.

Dunbar agrees and advocates for a multipronged approach. She says it is important to consider how each infection is transmitted. Measles can be transmitted from person to person through the air, so there are questions that need to be addressed. Do we need to put patients in an isolation tent in order to move them? Do we need to wait a certain amount before we clean before the air cycles? The process can be different. It depends on how the disease is transmitted.

Not only do disinfecting and cleaning procedures have to be outline for the different diseases, the pandemic plans will need to address simple tasks, such as reviewing hand-washing techniques or having the necessary cleaning techniques.

Dunbar urges people to have have their tools ready even though an outbreak may never occur. Ebola carts have been set up and they are in one place if they are ever needed.

Dunbar found gaps that need to be addressed when reviewing the processes, such as cleaning a room with a child in it or how to seal a transport drum. She admitted there were a lot of things that they did not think would be an issue.

Let Dallas Building Maintenance handle your janitorial service needs. Contact us today at 972-620-9200 or fill out our contact form.

How To Reduce Workplace Absenteeism Due To Sick Days

How To Reduce Workplace Absenteeism Due To Sick Days

Contact us today at 972-620-9200.

Contact us today at 972-620-9200.

Want to get ahold of the amount of sick days your employees take off? Is the amount of sick days your employees are taking putting a dent in your business? It’s easier than you might think to reduce the amount of sick days your staff takes. Dallas Building Maintenance is the professional source for commercial cleaning to reduce sick days.

Benefits Of A Clean Workplace

There are a variety of benefits to having a commercial cleaning service take care of the cleaning of your office/business. Obviously, you’ll get a reduced amount of absenteeism but your employees will be healthier and happier. Having a healthier and happier staff will increase the efficiency of work they do. Another benefit of a clean workplace is the professional perception your staff and customers feel.

Why Hire Dallas Building Maintenance For Office Cleaning Services?

We at Dallas Building Maintenance have extensive experience in office cleaning with the goal of reducing sick days for staff. We understand the process of cleaning touch points (areas that are frequently touched i.e., elevator buttons, phones, etc). Our staff is trained in the newest and most efficient forms of cleaning. We audit our work and make sure we do the best job possible.

Contact Us Today

Free quotes are available at any time. Give us a call at 972-620-9200 and we’ll provide you with a no-hassle free quote. We also provide a satisfaction guarantee. Prefer to contact us via email? Fill out our contact form.