3 Most Common Cleaning Problems

Problem #1: Why do most cleaning services start out great, but slack off later on?

Cleaning is a mundane task that is easy to learn, but difficult to do consistently day in/day out over a long period of time. Sure, anyone can learn to clean, but it takes a special type of person to clean consistently GOOD on a day to day basis. By carefully screening for this, a cleaning company can make a “good hire” decision right from the start, eliminating slackers and turnover right off the bat.

Once you have the right cleaning personnel in place, you then need to have a system of checks and balances to ensure that the work gets done like it’s supposed to, even down to the itty bitty detail cleaning. Even with the best workers, it is human nature to “get comfortable” and overlook the “little things” as time goes by.

To address this, it is critical to have another person, “a fresh set of eyes” so to speak, inspect the work on a regular ongoing basis and to notice things the worker may have grown accustomed to…..and then review with the worker any areas that need to be addressed.

To make and keep happy customers and happy workers, this inspection and review process is continued, well, continually! The problem with most cleaning services is that they “throw” a cleaning crew into your account, do a fairly good job for the first few months, and then perhaps start to miss the little things, and then nobody is really checking the work when this starts to happen…..leaving you with the big hassle of having to complain and “manage” the crew yourself, but, isn’t this why you hired an outside cleaning company in the first place?

At DBM, we select the right workers from the start through careful character analysis. We then follow-up with regularly scheduled cleaning inspections that actually occur. This way, we can catch the “little things” and bring them to the workers attention BEFORE you notice them. It’s about looking for potential problems and addressing them BEFORE they turn into customer complaints.

Problem #2: Why do you sometimes have to remind the cleaning crew to get the “little things” even if you’ve already told them over and over again?

See answer to problem 1 above!

Problem #3: What areas do most cleaning crews commonly miss?

As you read about the following commonly missed areas, take a moment to check your office to see these areas for yourself, as there is a 90% chance yours are dirty/dusty right now! The areas include: Refridgerator tops, tops of cubicle partitons, tops of rest room stall partitions, picture frames, window sills and ledges, tops of file cabinets, etc.

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