Potential clients and customers will notice how clean your office is when they first walk through the door, and as we all know, first impressions count for a lot. Reassuring a potential customer that your business premises are clean, safe and inviting can help to create a positive impression and help to ensure those customers return next time.

Invest in janitorial services in Frisco, TX

If your office or business premises needs the best janitorial services, we at Dallas Building Maintenance strive to be your first choice when it comes to expert cleaning. Your time is better spent running your business and taking care of your customers; let us take care of making sure your office is clean.

Not all companies are the same, and we understand that your cleaning needs are unique. Whether your office is a small room or you need a large apartment building to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned, we will discuss your needs with you and create the cleaning program that works for you. DBM Janitorial experienced and reliable cleaning staff can visit your premises during regular business hours, or if more convenient for you we can clean your premises after hours.

Janitorial services we provide to the Frisco, TX area

For well over 40 years, business owners in the Frisco area have been relying on DBM Janitorial to take care of all their cleaning and janitorial needs, allowing them to focus on running the business. Our cleaners are all highly trained, experienced and have all passed a pre-employment screening background test.

Here at DBM, we put as much emphasis on caring for the environment as we do keeping your office clean. Instead of harmful and toxic chemicals, our company uses only green cleaning products and we are proud to belong to the US Green Building Council. Green cleaning is ideal for your Frisco janitorial service needs. Not only are green cleaning products a lot better for the environment, they can also help to save your company money as your floor coverings, office furniture and electronic equipment can all last longer when cleaned with green products.

Experience the difference DBM can make at your business or commercial property by contacting us today at 972-620-9200.