Janitorial Service VS Custodial Service

It can sometimes be confusing for Texas companies to decide between a janitorial service and custodial services. A janitor has various tasks, all focused on looking after the outside of a building as well as the inside. These typically include emptying the trash, cleaning floors and carpets, making sure bathrooms are clean and stocked, and keeping tables and workrooms clean.

Let us help with your janitorial service needs. Call 972-620-9200

Let us help with your janitorial service needs. Call 972-620-9200

A custodial service usually carries out exterior maintenance and repair, as well as carrying out the above mentioned janitorial tasks. In some cases, a more comprehensive maintenance package can be offered to business owners when a custodial service joins forces with one or more other providers.

Depending on the specific needs of a customer and how often the work needs to be carried out, janitorial services can adjust their tasks and contract to fit individual needs. If you are a building owner looking for a good cleaning service, always work with one that is properly insured; you may also want to work with a company that uses the latest cleaning technology, for faster results.

Business owners or building owners located in more rural Texas areas may find it difficult to find a reliable janitorial or cleaning service. Of course, you want the job done professionally and it is worth taking the time to find just the right company to work with.